Main Differences Between the Yamaha NP12 and Other Brands of Portable Keyboards
Main Differences Between the Yamaha NP12 and Other Brands of Portable Keyboards

Main Differences Between the Yamaha NP12 and Other Brands of Portable Keyboards

When searching for an instrument that you want to bring along with you wherever you go, perhaps one of the most valuable instruments that you could own is the Yamaha NP12. This wonderful keyboard offers a huge variety of sounds and musical genres from classical to rock, hip hop, blues, country, jazz, and many others. With its onboard computer, you can load up your music player, choose from thousands of sounds and start playing without ever changing out your guitar or any other hardware. Simply by using the onboard computer, you can change the song you are playing without having to purchase another instrument or even carry your laptop. You also have access to thousands of songs, so you will always know what kind of music you are listening to, no matter where you go.

Yamaha NP12

The Yamaha NP12 iPad is packed full of performance features that make it perfect for a portable Apple device. From the light-weight, portable keyboard, to the high-quality, clear voices sampled in from one of Yamaha’s greatest concert pianos, from its smooth, rich notes sampled in from one of Yamaha’s best concert pianos, and from its exciting, modern sounds, which are extremely natural and expressive. It truly offers a wide range of sounds that are incredibly natural and expressive. The Yamaha NP12 comes with a midi ios device, so you can easily plug your iPod into it and instantly start playing along. No other keyboard provides such a large and varied sound palette from within such a small, portable device. The Yamaha NP12 is extremely powerful and portable, which means you can even take it on a long, scenic drive!

The keyboard of the Yamaha NP12 is surprisingly intuitive. The smooth light-weight design and spacious area for storing the keys make it easy to quickly and precisely to type out phrases and play chords with confidence. Although it is quite large and bulky compared to most keyboards, the light weight and solid construction make it very comfortable to carry around. The touch-sensitive keys respond with surprising force, giving you a full feel for each key. The responsive keys are also convenient for changing tracks, as you do not need to shift your arm in any way to do so.

If you would like to bring your laptop or tablet into the fold, you can do so with the Yamaha NP12’s keyboard dock. The five speaker ports that are located on the top and sides of the keyboard allow you to bring your audio device into the iPod, or speakers when needed. The front face of the keyboard doubles as a home button for quick access when you need to perform common functions such as going to the menu, or quick word searches. Even the backlit keys provide convenient access to your song library.

Along with all the standard features found on most quality portable keyboards, the Yamaha NP12 also includes the advanced Type Line connectivity that is available in other brands of portable keyboards. Type Line connectivity allows you to connect your computer to the monitor of your portable keyboard via a dock connector, which provides a clean and clutter-free look. An optional Type Line connectivity kit is also available for additional peace of mind. The Type Line connectivity kit connects to your computer via a Type A/B male port, providing for Type C audio input and output, making it possible to send and receive audio data.

Despite its similarities to other brand name portable keyboards, there are some main differences that make the Yamaha NP12 stands out. For one, the size is slightly smaller than the average laptop or tablet and is only slightly thicker. The lack of a rechargeable lithium battery and the standard A/C connection make it less portable than many other types of portable keyboards, but the lightweight and solid construction make up for the loss in portability. The keys are very responsive and have a full-sized keyboard feel, and this along with the larger touch-sensitive keys make typing on the Yamaha NP12 much more enjoyable than it’s competitors.